Camp CHOICE Presents April 30th & May 1st 2022
Camp CHOICE, in partnership with Mothers of Incarcerated Sons and Daughters (MISD) & Studio V are super excited to have your engagement in our upcoming virtual event, April 30th & May 1st, 9-11:30a, aimed to build this generation of social change agents!

C.H.O.I.C.E. stands for Children Having Opportunities in Creating Environment. We are challenging youth to get involved in enhancing the quality of life in their communities by highlighting the following six social issues: housing, education, employment, health care, mass incarceration and politics.

The registration process is easy: email student & parent/guardian's contact information to [email protected]. They will receive event information and the virtual link closer to the event.


Help us secure sponsorships for all students @$50 (non-sponsored youth will not be turned away & parents are welcome) Give here👉 
Mail your contribution to PO Box 320601, Kansas City, Missouri 64132

Universal Declaration of Human Rights Campaign: What are Human Rights? Definition

  1. We Are All Born Free and Equal
  2. Don't Discriminate
  3. The Right to Life
  4. No Slavery
  5. No Torture
  6. You Have Rights No Matter Where You Go
  7. We're All Equal Before the Law
  8. Your Human Rights are Protected by Law
  9. No Unfair Detainment
  10. The Right to Trial
  11. We're Always Innocent Till Proven Guilty
  12. The Right to Privacy
  13. Freedom to Move
  14. The Right to Live in a Safe Place
  15. Right to a Nationality
  16. Marriage and Family
  17. The Right to Your Own Things
  18. Freedom of Thought
  19. Freedom of Expression
  20. The Right to Public Assembly
  21. The Right to Democracy
  22. Social Security
  23. Workers' Rights
  24. The Right to Play
  25. Food and Shelter for All
  26. The Right to Education
  27. Copyright
  28. A Fair and Free World
  29. Responsibility
  30. No One Can Take Away Your Human Rights


Civil Responsibilities

  1. Be true to thyself
  2. Treat others with human dignity
  3. Fully utilize your abilities (take care of yourself & others)
  4. Advocate to fight injustices