Launched in 2019 by Camp CHOICE founder and CEO Janay Reliford, Camp CHOICE Life Coaching offers unique, compassionate, and professional coaching with a S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely) approach to resolving issues and attaining goals. Inspired by an intense desire to serve youth at a deeper and sustained capacity, above “Game of Life” Adventures, Camp CHOICE Life Coaching offers services to youth, ages 12 to 24 (with the exception of a bit older or younger based on circumstances) who seem withdrawn, unmotivated, defiant, struggling academically or with socializing in the home, school and/or within the community. Firmly believing prevention is key, coaching services also extend to youth who may not appear to be experiencing concerning behavior. All youth can benefit from coaching to strengthen their identity, confidence, ability to be empathetic, and accomplish goals.

Youth need support throughout their developmental stages to ensure success on their journey to adulthood. Camp CHOICE takes great passion in providing youth in person, and virtual, one-on-one coaching sessions, including fun and educational field trips. Camp CHOICE partners with parents, churches, schools, and other youth serving entities to help young people reach their highest potential.

With a master’s degree in Social Work Administration, and 23 years of experience working with youth and families, Janay has the ability to connect and build strong, authentic relationships with youth in a way that truly resonates with them, as well as their parents. Janay is a service-driven entrepreneur, who has dedicated her life to guiding youth through Camp CHOICE, which she founded in 2006. Throughout her career in Social Work, she has case managed youth detained in the Jackson County Jail, was a Youth Specialist for a workforce program, Program Manager for a tutoring program, Internship Coordinator for a high school dropout program, and a mentor for a self-sufficiency program. These qualifications and experiences, along with becoming a single teenage mom, after her mother’s death, and persevering through school, qualifies Janay as a trusted and effective life coach for youth.

Janay credits her resiliency to her faith. She believes being spiritually grounded is the anchor to stability in life. Camp CHOICE Life Coaching serves youth from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions.

“Camp CHOICE serves youth with no faith, or from any faith. It’s founded on the belief in one God, who created all mankind, and wants to provide each of us guidance to live our best life”. – Janay Reliford


Coaching Client:

“Janay is very positive, and encouraging, she helps if you have problems in your family. She won’t give up on you and is dedicated to helping reach your goals and whatever you need”.


“I was at my wits end with my 11 year old. She was defiant and we had major friction in the home. Positive reinforcement didn’t work, negative consequences weren’t working. Talking through her life goals, her ideal vision for our home, and then setting reachable goals and tracking them with encouragement and consistency...Janay has been a God send..."