"Youth Choosing Well" Welcome to Camp CHOICE

Camp CHOICE has a variety of fun activities for the campers to do. Our mission is to provide youth life enrichment experiences that benefit their present and future spiritual, physical, educational, and social wellbeing.

*Pictures are taken on the grounds of Three Trails Camp & Retreat Center and Wildwood Outdoor Education Center.



Learning Experiments

Camp CHOICE “Life Lessons©” Curriculum


Employment Experiments

Mock employment scenarios and individual career counseling


Living Experiments

Mock life profiles and challenge cards guide youth through the game

Statistics show that students who report having faith in a higher power plays an important part on their lives. Teens who believe in the Creator are more likely than their peers to engage in healthy behaviors.


To provide youth life enrichment experiences that benefit their present and future spiritual, physical, educational, and social well being.



Camp CHOICE teaches:
“LIFE LESSONS” that build understanding of the human race, our physical world & how individuals find their way through life; guided by God’s gift of choice.

The Fun Park

Our goals are to:

  • Attract Investors
  • Secure 20-40 acres of land for commercial, agricultural and residential purposes (ideally within Kansas City limits)
  • Build contractual relationships to provide "Game of Life" Adventures and Youth Life Coaching services 

We need to raise $5-20 million to build our youth development & family fun park. We are seeking at least $5.6 mil in startup funds, which will carry the project through its four yr. development timeline. Once the park is built, the summer adventure will serve 400 youth annually, and provide weeklong “Game of Life” Adventures between the months of June and August. Before and after the summer experience, Camp CHOICE will operate daily providing unique lodging amenities, event space, youth development/parenting seminars and other recreational activities. 

Game of Life

Camp CHOICE seeks to be the, “go to” place for youth and families of all ages and diversities to be entertained, and lives enriched! While development plans for the fun park are underway, Camp CHOICE offers “Game of Life” Weekend Adventures, and other experiences, to schools, churches, and other youth serving entities. Campers and their families report great satisfaction from their camp experiences, including euphoria, enhanced self-identity, hope, communication skills, a boost in financial literacy, and so many more positive outcomes.

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Janay Reliford is a Kansas City native and graduated from Westport High School as a Ewing Marion Kauffman “Project Choice” scholarship recipient. Janay attained a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Central Missouri State University and went on to obtain her Master’s Degree in Social Work Administration from the University of Kansas. Through Camp CHOICE, Janay aims to leave a legacy of youth and community development that her children and children's children can be proud of and have the opportunity to carry on.

Camp CHOICE Vision

We need all the help we can get to have the vision of our Fun Park become a reality. We have multiple options to contribute.

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